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His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin has born in Surat, then a town in Bombay Presidency, on Saturday the 20th Rabiul Akher 1333 Hijri corresponding to March 6, 1915. His mothers name is Husaina Aaisaheba. The world has seen the austerity and auspiciousness from the day He took birth. Exactly on the very day He was born, His illustrious father His Holiness Dr.Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb(AQ) assumed the office as 51st Dai-al-Mutlaq although he became the 51st Dai exactly 40 days before his birth. The newly born child was named "Mohammed".

In 1336 Hijri, the child Mohammeds Ibtedai Taalim commenced in Udaipur at the age of 3 years. Under the special care of most distinguished, learned and great scholer in Arabic-Islamic tradition and in constant and close touch of so gifted a teacher and so inspiring a personality as His father Syedna Taher Saifudding(AQ), Syedna(TUS) traveled into vast realms of thoughts, knowledge and stored in himself mountains of treasure. Apart from being specially instructed in Fatimi Philosophy, literature and art, He was given lessons in public oratory, diplomacy and various modern disciplines which may be useful to lead people in twenties and thirties. He was also initiated in various types of outdoor sports and has a keen interest in horse riding and hunting.

In the early age of 15 years Syedna(TUS) memorized the Holy Quran by heart and mastered the art of recitation and was elevated to the position of Mumin Baligh by administering an oath of fealty(Misaq) and was bestowed the Laqab of "Burhanuddin", a honour given to man of distinction in Dawat. After Misaq, Syedna(TUS) performed Haj and Ziyarat of Medina, Najaf-e-Ashraf and Karbala. At the age of 17 Syedna (TUS) was bestowed with the title of "Hadiyyat" by His reverend father Syedna Taher Saifuddin




In 1933 AD/1352 Hijri on 27th Rajab, Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ), the revered 51st

Dai-al-Mutlaq raised him to the second highest pedestal in the Dawat and said of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) while declaring Him as his successor :

"Although I was preoccupied with meeting the challenges of opponents, yet I ensured that, this son was made "like unto me". Now by Allah’s grace and the Imam’s inspiration, I have handed over a great trust to him, as in the firmament of the Dawat there is none other that can discharge the obligations of that office. I have raised this son, full of ilm and barakaat, to the height of the Dawat on this Meraj Day.On the night of Meraj the Holy Prophet was raised by Allah. So, on this occasion I have raised my son and made him shine like a bright light in the period of satr. I also bestow on him the office of Mazoon. I publicly announce that he will be my successor. For, he is like me, and after me he will bear the burden of the Dawat for the benefit of the faithful…………

I greatly rejoice this day, and such, I have never experienced before. For, my gift which I had to offer, has reached its destination. Not only I, but the spirits of all Doat Mutlaqeen rejoice today, Panjatan rejoice because they know that the protector of their Dawat is now ready."

With the appointment came words of advice to the son. Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) said to Syedna Mohd. Burhanuddin : "I direct you to fear Allah; move in the straight path. Be devoted to the Imam of the time. Serve him even at the cost of your life and look after the Dawat of Imam. May your affection for him be sincere. Raise the standard of the Dawat high and uphold it everywhere.

O, young man, receive hasanat. Awake those who are asleep. Protect Dawat, as the lion protects its offspring. Defeat the opponents of the Dawat. Appear before the faithful with ikram. Shower blessings on them like a mother. In the midst of antagonists, display the composure of a King. Whatever you do must be accompanied by faith in Allah and in His chosen representative. May Allah shower on you the grace of Imam and protect and guide you. May He guide you, inspire you and direct you. May you be clothed in piety. May Vali ul-Allah’s faiz be your sustenance.In the great responsibility that you have been given may He strengthen your heart and be your protector. In my lifetime, you shall be Mazoon. After me, you shall be my successor, the Dai .

These words, which Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) cherishes dearly, have become his personal lodestar. Attributing all his work to the inspiration he receives from Imamuz-zaman and the strength of his father’s guidance and upbringing, Syedna (TUS)’s bond with his own, has surpassed all expectations .


Amatullah Aaisaheba, who was born in Surat on 15th Zilhaj 1338 Hijri (18-08-1921) and brought up in a family devoted to the Islamic way of life; and who was the third in the line of six children born to Ateka Baisaheba and Abdulhusain Bhaisaheb Saifuddin , a family that traces its lineage to Syedna Abdulqadir Najmuddin(AQ) and Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed(AQ), and whose misaq was taken at the age of fourteen; was chosen at a very tender age by the 51st Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) for His son and successor Syedna (TUS).

On 27th Zilqada 1354 Hijri corresponding to 19th February,1936, when Syedna(TUS) was of 21 years’ age and Amatullah Aaisaheba was at 16, the wedding of Syedna was solemnised in Surat with customary grandeur. The celebrations that were held to mark the occasion were grand and unprecedented and were named "Al-Milak al-Agar". A wedding so grand had never before been witnessed in Surat. Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) has described the event in his personal diary stating, thus :

"The marriage function surpassed in magnificence and joy the marriages of all previous Doat. Followers from all parts of India and abroad came as guests to Surat for the occasion and elaborate arrangements were made by Dai al-Mutlaq, for their stay."

"The premises of Jamea Saifiyah, where the ceremonies were held, wore the image of a bride, glittering in the light shed by myriad points of illumination. Those who loved us and those who were high in office shared with us the great joy of the occasion."

It is not a matter of coincidence but a well destined by Allah Subhanahu and thoughtfully followed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) that Syedna(TUS) had a wife with the name of Amataullah Aaisaheba who had been 5th one by such name to become ‘aaqila’ (wife) of Al-Dai-al-Mutlaq holding office sofar. The others had been :-

Being 1st – Amatullah Aaisaheba had been ‘aaqila’ of 43rd Dai Syedna Abde Ali Saifuddin(RA) son of Syedi Jiwanjee Saheb(AQ) resting in peace at Jamnagar (16 Jumadil Awwal 1215).

Being 2nd – Amatullah Aaisaheba had been ‘aaqila’ of 45th Dai Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin(RA) resting in peace at Surat(07 Ramadan 1247).

Being 3rd – Amatullah Aaisaheba had been ‘aaqila’ of 46th Dai Syedna Mohd. Badruddin(RA) resting in peace at Surat. She was Shahzadi of Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin(RA) (23 Jumadil Awwal 1255).

Being 4th – Amatullah Aaisaheba had been ‘aaqila’ of 49th Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(RA) and respected mother of Syedna Taher Saifuddin(RA) and grand mother of our Aqa Maula(TUS) resting in peace at Bombay (04 Zilqad 1312).

Aaisaheba remained by His Holiness’ side at all times and devoted every hour, every minute of her 60 years of union in serving His Holiness with dedication of mind and heart; word and deed. In 1397 H, on the occasion of His Milad Mubarak, when Shahzada Huzefa Bhaisaheb, Idris Bhaisaheb, Malikul Ashtar Bhaisaheb Nikah were performed, His Holiness conferred the title of ‘Hadiyaat’ upon Ammatullah Aaisaheba. She was a constant companion of His Holiness, accompanying Him tirelessly on His long and distant travels. She was never to complain, but to serve faithfully and selflessly, to provide to arrange and to organize for His Holiness’ care and comfort. The breath of spring in Qasr-e-Burhani that beautified the entire house-hold and the Dawat and whose words were so which worked wonders, sometimes soothing; sometime solving but always resulting in spiritual gratification and whose last act of devotion was to dedicate a golden ‘SHAHIDANA’ for the qabr mubarak of the 32nd Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed(AQ); had a heart attack on Lailat-ul-Khamees taking her away from us to her heavenly abode on 12th Rabiul Awwal 1415 H (18-08-1994).

Needless to mention, 12th Rabiul Awwal is the celebration occasion of Milad-un-Nabi,SA when the janaza namaz was held followed by ziyarat, whereafter Syedna(TUS) presided over the Milad-un-Nabi majlis in true Fatimi tradition duly donned with a golden rimmed dupattah (symbol of celebration) and a discourse on Rasulullah(SA) culminating with matam on Imam Husain(AS).

Truly, to conduct a majlis, so, with the janaza of ‘aaqila’ kept alongside was beyond mortal strength, of which the assembled mumineen were witness, mourning and marvelling at their Maula(TUS)’s strength in grief and drawing their own solace from Imam Husain’s (AS) matam, absorbing the lesson through live example given by Aqa Maula that every mumin should express ‘shukr’ and stick to ‘sabr’ ; be it the occasion of joy or of sorrow. Let us, we mumineen, beseech Allah Ta’ala to endown Busaheba with Shafa’at of Aal-e-Mohammed & Doat Mutlaqeen and to shower on her His choicest blessing and to favour her with Aali Darajat in Jannat-ul-firdaus. Aameen ! Let us also pray before Allah Subhanahu to accord our beloved Aqa Maula(TUS) a long and healthy life for bestowing the gift of Aala Hidayat to enable us to finish the safar of this physical plane successfully. Aameen !

With the blessings of the Almighty, Ammatullah Aaisaheba has made our Aqa Maula(TUS) a proud father of 7 sons and 3 daughters and naturally, with numerous grand children. Seven Shahzadas are named, thus;

Shahzada Syedi Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin.

Shahzada Syedi Qaidjohar Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin.

Shahzada Syedi Malekul Ashtar Bhaisaheb Shujauddin.

Shahzada Syedi Huzefa Bhaisaheb Mohiyuddin.

Shahzada Syedi Idris Bhaisaheb Badruddin.

Shahzada Syedi Qusay Bhaisaheb Vajihuddin.

Shahzada Syedi Ammar Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin.

Being most satisfied with the khidmat of Dawat with utmost dedication by Syedna(TUS), Syedna Taher Saifuddin(RA) conferred upon His son, the titles of TAJ UL DAWAH UT TAIYEBA AND QURRATUL AEN IMAM UL MUTLAQEEN in 1359 H and the title of UMDATUL ULEMAAL MOHIDEEN in 1361 Hijri.


For almost 400 years from the appointment of the 1st Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Zoeb(AQ), after the 21st Imam Al-Imam al-Tayeb(AS) went into seclusion, the establishment of Dawat remained in Yemen. As one Dai succeeded the other, each carefully preserved the faith and nurtured the faithful, effecting a cultural and religious revolution in a once backward community. Guiding the followers in all matters, spiritual and temporal, the Duaat in Yemen were able to foster the Fatemid faith and ensure economic well being. In 946/1539 the seat of Dawat had to be transferred to India following persecution by religious antagonists. In India, the seat of Dawat had been shifting from time to time from Ahmedabad to Jamnagar, to Mandvi, Ujjain and then Burhanpur became the seat of Dawat for a while, from where it shifted to Surat and then at present – Bombay; thus completing a cycle of seven centers as Seat of Dawat. FOUR HUNDRED YEARS LATER in 1381/1961 Syedna(TUS) visited Yemen and restablished links with the followers of Dawoodi Bohra faith. So successful were Syedna(TUS)’s endeavors and efforts, that Syedna Taher Saifuddin (AQ) conferred upon Him the title of MANSUR-AL-YEMEN, a title which was conferred 1000 years ago upon Dai Abul Qasim. It is because of the serious endeavour of Syedna(TUS) that today there reside in Yemen about 12,000 Dawoodi Bohra Yemenites, pure and proud of cultural heritage and loyal to His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) or SULTAN-UL-BOHRA as He is fondly called there. Syedna(TUS) has been kind and gracious enough to visit His followers time and again to gather and preach to the loyal and to contribute to their social and economic welfare. It is as a reuslt of His frequent visit and keen interest for the welfare of His loyal mumineen that once remote and inaccessible place Al-Hutaib-al-Mubarak where Syedna Hatim(AQ) the 3rd Dai-al-Mutlaq rest in peace, has become easily and conveniently accessible and religious traffic has been on rise year after year, and once barren envirous of Al-Hutaib-al-Mubarak have changed due to landscaping, rock gardens and electrical lighting. Roza Mubaraka of Syedna Hatim(AQ) has been beautified with marbles both on the inside and outside; inscribed with Ayats from Al-Qu’ran. New constructions, alterations and extensions have been done by using Yemenite stones while respecting and preserving the characteristics of the country’s architectural style. One prominent addition is Al-Mawaaid-al-Hatimiyah, which serves the purpose of dining hall for the Bohra visitors. Non else than MANSUR-UL-YEMEN could have made all these things possible to happen.


In 1965/13 November, after Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) left for the heavenly abode on the 19th Rajab-ul-Asab 1385 Hijri, leaving behind a rich legacy of spiritual splendour, lofty teachings, and wise counseling, Syedna(TUS) assumed the office as 52nd Dai-al-Mutlaq being 52nd vicegerent of Imam(AS) of the seclusion period – the ‘satr’. In the heredity of Syedi Jiwanjee Saheb, Syedna(TUS) is the 8th Dai and in the line of Doat-e-Hind He is 28th Dai.

The golden era of Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ), the initial years of which were very challenging, continued even after His demise as merged beautifully into the era of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS). The fusion has been so perfect that the historical dividing line of the two eras dissolve into each other. It is the continuation of the same tradition and spreading the Ilm(knowledge), which has resulted in better fusion of the two eras.

With the Dai Syedna Mohd.Burhanuddin(TUS) assuming office, inspite of perfect fusion as said above, the world has seen Burhani Era marked with a fourfold development that infuses social, economic, educational and artistic development with a rare distinction of spirituality.

The thrust of Syedna(TUS)’s endeavours was clear from his first deed as Dai when he fulfilled Syedna(AQ)’s wish by installing the Zarih Mubarak of Imam Husain(AS) in Cairo, Egypt (18 Zilqad 1386/9-3-66). Syedna (TUS) has shown a serious concern of abiding by the valued desires and cherished dreams of Syedna(AQ) by launching movements, despite great adversity, of completion of Qubba Mubarak of Syedna Hatim(AQ), the third al-Dai al-Mutlaq , which is located in the mountains of al-Hutaib al-Mubarak ; inaugurating the pristine mausoleum of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed(AQ) in Ahmedabad; completing the Arabic Academy, Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah at Karachi, restoring the profoundly historical and significant structure of Al-Jame-Al-Anwar in Cairo and transforming the Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah into Arabic Academy as a supreme institution of learing in Surat. The spiritual strength that Syedna(TUS) derived from Syedna(AQ) has been never more evident than in the vision with which he conceived the design of Syedna (AQ)’s mausoleum in which many features of the Fatemi relics found in Cairo are profoundly visible. The manuscript copy of the Qur’an from which Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) use to recite, was copied by photographic process, transferred on 772 marble slabs, engraved in pure gold, lies fitted in the inner walls of the "Raudat Tahera". Surah-e-Fateha and 113 Bismillah are made of precious stones like ruby(maneq). RAUDAT TAHERA’S strong lines and exquisite division of space provide the perfect scroll for the Qur’an-e-Majid, inscribed in its entirety on marble slabs in gold script in the interior, because of which it remains the only monument of the Islamic world with the entire Qur’an inscribed within it. The Raudat Tahera is a testimony to the supreme spiritual heritage that was bestowed upon by Al-Muqaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) and bequeathed by Syedna(TUS).

Several other projects were undertaken by Syedna(TUS) to maintain and foster the historic sites associated with Rasulullah(SAW) and the Fatimi Imams(SA).

A maqsoorah fabricated in silver and gold was dedicated to Maulatona Zaynab(AS), the sister of Imam Husain(SA) as a tribute to her sacrifice, suffering and supreme strength with which She served Her brother Imam Husain(AS) at Karbala.

The Bab-el-Mukhallafat el-Nabawiyah-el-Sharifah, a door moulded in silver and gold was installed at the chamber adjacent to Ras al-Imam al-Husain(AS).

Beside Imam Husain(AS), Zarih Mubarak was also dedicated to Ruoos-Es-Shohada in Shaam(Syria). This is the place where the noble heads of the martyrs of Karbala were brought and buried. After 1352 years, Syedna(TUS) became the 1st Dai to pay tribute here in 1414 Hijri by performing ‘Matam’ alongwith His follower mumineen.

A Zarih Mubarak has also been dedicated to Maulatona Ruqaiyah(AS), the daughter of Amirul-Mumineen(SA). The Zarih, resplendent in silver and gold , the ornate maqsoorah is adorned with Kufi calligraphy and traditional Fatimi designs gleaned from jawame.

A Zarih was dedicted to Maulatona al-Hurrah al-Malekah (RA) at Zi Jibla. Maulatona Malekah held and discharged the responsibilities of Dawat after the 21st Imam went into seclusion until, with the Raza Mubarak of Imam(AS), She appointed Syedna Zoeb(AQ) to be the 1st Dai-al-Mutlaq.

Syedna(TUS)’s most important contribution to the architectural tradition has been the restoration of Imam Hakim’s(AS) venerated masjid, al-Jame al-Anwar, in Cairo. Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) was the 1st Dai to visit Cairo in 1937. He was grieved by the state of al-Jame al-Anwar which by the ravages of time, gross neglect and disregard had reduced to a madrasa, playground and even a dump-yard. He expressed the hope that Jame would be restored. The massive restoration project of al-Jame al-Anwar was undertaken by Syedna(TUS) and completed in 1401 Hijri. Spanning in an area of 13,560 Square mts., it is the 4th largest masjid in the world. Next is the restoration of (i) Jame Lulua; Jame Juyushi; and Jame Aqmar; all at Cairo. Jame Lulua for several hundred years lay derelict, ravaged by weather and time; was restored to its former splendour. This is a masjid where Imam Hakim(AS) retreated for solitude. This is a three storied masjid with a Qibla on every floor. The area of Jame Juyushi, a masjid built by Syedna Badrul Jamali by the command of Imam Mustansir(AS), atop Jabale-Muqattam, was formerly designated as a military cantonment and restricted for public. It was, however, destined that Imam’s Dai should undertake and complete its restoration. Similarly, Al-Jame Al-Aqmar the masjid built by Imam Aamir(AS) located in Share Moiz le-Dinillah lay desolate and decadent for centuries. Ultimately, our Syedna(TUS) has been fortunate enough to take the task of its restoration. Iftetah ceremony of all these three masjids were performed on 4th of Rabi-ul-Akher, the night of Milad of Imamuz-Zaman. Careful excavations and painstaking research established the details of original structure and design. Exquisite elements of ornamentation and calligraphy discovered for the restorations at al-Jame al-Anwar, al-Jame al-Aqmar, Jame Lulua and al-Jame al-Juyushi have brought international attention to the Fatimid period of Islamic history. Once a year, during the ten somber days of Moharram, masjids become the focal point of mumineen’s entire existence, as they gather in solemnity to mark the martyrdom of Imam Husain(AS). The congregations of mumineen that gather in masjids do so to reap the benefits of collective prayer as much as to reap the rich fruits of Islamic faith and tradition. Therefore, the restorations of masjids was not to make of the beloved buildings, to mark mere historical facts, but in fact it has been restored for the purpose for which they were built.

Stepping ahead in bringing His follower mumineen dwelling in far west, close to the purpose of their life and of the birth in the human garb, Syedna(TUS)’s wishes prevailed with the iftetah of Al-Masjid Al-Husaini in Northolt, London and the masjid went down in history as the 1st Dawoodi Bohra mosque in Europe and the largest in Western world. It is the unmatched architectural vision of our Aqa Maula that the masjid at Northolt symbolizes the blend of contrasts in as much as although it is Fatimi in architectural design, its construction in Lazenby (Red sandstone) and Blaxter (Yellow sandstone) blends with its environs.

All these historical functions are result of the launched tradition of the Burhani Era and a lifelong mission with passion for Syedna(TUS), to build, reconstruct, sanctify, beautify the masjids, roza of Imam, Duat and Hudud/Vali of Fatemi Dawat, in India and abroad and other places of Fatemid importance. It is only Syedna’s(TUS) strength and power derived from Imamuz-Zaman(AS) that has led Him to architecture more than 150 masjids, in India and abroad; the most amazing and significant being al-Masjid al-Moazzam in Surat, elucidation of which in itself is an independent task and can not be given here.


A personality with multifarious qualities can be better seen through the eyes of other scholars and viceories of countries world over. He has been honoured for his noble services to the cause of humanity and has received various awards and honours.

Syedna(TUS) is proud holder of the ORDER OF THE STAR OF JORDAN (FIRST RANK). The President of Egypt awarded him the title of VISHAH UN NEEL.

As per the decision of the then President of United Arab Republic Gammal Abdel Nasser, Al-Azhar University of Cairo(Arab Republic of Egypt) confered the degree of DOCTOR OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES (HONORIS CAUSA) on 13 March 1996.

In the same year, in a special convocation held on 17th October , Aligarh Muslim University conferred on His Holiness(TUS), the degree of DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY (HONORIS CAUSA) . The citation stated Syedna(TUS)’s services and said :-

"His Holiness belongs to an illustrious family, the custodians of the Fatimi tradition. That tradition stands for the highest moral and spiritual values in life and constitutes the basis of a society governed by high principles of conduct. A scion of the Fatimi Imams who founded Al-Azhar University at Cairo, the oldest university in the world, Syedna is himself the embodiment of learning and piety. In recognition of these great qualities, it was in the fitness of things that Al-Azhar University itself should have been the first to confer upon him, that very year, the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Islamic Science.

Besides being himself a scholar, His Holiness is a patron of learning who has been brought up in the traditions of his great father and has, therefore, both inherited and himself cultivated a broad and liberal humanism. This quality permeates the conduct of his high spiritual office, his bearing as a person and his relations with me. I seek due recognition of his eminence by this University."

In his speech at the special convocation of Aligarh Muslim University, the then Vice-Chancellor, Nawab Ali Yavar Jung said :-

"You have just heard the citation for the conferment of the Doctorate of Theology(Honoris Causa), on your Chief Guest (Syedna Mohammed Burhanudin ) . It recounts both his learning and the personal virtues that he bring to bear on his noble office.

That, we would also, on this occasion, think of his late father, for 13 years Chancellor of this University, is natural, and I can do no better than quote what I said of him on the occasion of our last convocation. I quote : "In our late Chancellor, we had a man of great learning and piety who had the courage of his conviction and cared little for praise or blame. His largesse ran into millions and most of it was directed towards education, particularly this University. I am happy to be able to say that, in deciding to take special measures for the improvement of the conditions and standards of our High Schools, so long overdue, the Executive Council has agreed to name one of them after him."

"Mr.Chancellor, our distinguished guest combines in his person the virtues of a religious leader, the gift of learning, the practice of toleration and the instinct of generosity. Like his revered father, he is also gifted with patriotism and a progressive and realistic outlook. These qualities, handed down from father to son, have given inspiring leadership to a relatively small but energetic community which has earned a position of honour and respect within the family of India’s nationhood………."


The august position of al-Dai-al-Mutlaq and the salient features of the Bohra faith have been confirmed by the judicial pronouncements of the Privy Council and the Supreme Court of India and the decisions of these two courts are followed by courts in India and the world for giving verdict on any disputes raised by the opponents who are unable mentally to subscribe to the code of beliefs, discipline of the faith and to the leadership and authority of al-Dai-al-Mutlaq.

The Privy Council going to the very roots of the faith of the Dawoodi Bohra held that the 51st Dai-al-Mutlaq, the immediate predecessor in the office of the present Dai-al-Mutlaq, was the rightful successor in office and that unquestioning faith in the Dai as the head of the community is part of the creed of the Dawoodi Bohras.

The Supreme Court of India has pronounced in its judgement (AIR 1962 SC page 856 at page 870) ----- "It was the accepted tenet of the Dawoodi Bohra faith that God always had and still has a representative on earth through whom His commands are conveyed to His people. That representative was the Imam. The Dai was the representative of the Imam and conveyed God’s message to His people. The powers of the Dai were approximated to those of the Imam………." Further that "The Dai-al-Mutlaq was not merely a religious head of the denomination but was the trustee of the property of the community".

Similarly The Bakwata (Department of Religious Affairs, Govt.of Tanzania) while deciding the issues resulting from the activity of the breakaway group in Tanzania, came to the same conclusion. The department observed, ------ "As Bohras are a religious sect, and not a political body, its affairs are run according to the faith of their sect. Anyone who is not happy with the affairs of the community is free to select one of the many other sects of Islam and to follow it. The aggrieved person is also free to form his own sect. The Bakwata further observed that it is not entrusted with the duty to interfere with the internal matters affecting the belief, and faith of a sect. Each sect has full freedom of administering its own religious matters according to its stipulated rules and precedures, provided those do not contravene the laws of the country."


It is very distinguished characteristic of His Holiness (TUS) that He developed the expression of grief and sorrow over the martyrdom of Imam Husain(AS) into the foundation of the Dawoodi Bohra faith. Syedna(TUS) raised the word "YA HUSAIN" to such hights and made it so powerful that the heart rendering cry of "YA HUSAIN" from Him becomes a call to summon the mumineen (the members of Dawoodi Bohra Community), drawing them together from all corners of the world, for reaping barakaat manifold, in the process. For Rasulullah(SAW) has attested that verily, the heavens are for those who shed tears, make others shed tears, or for those who manifest their grief on His(SAW) beloved Imam Husain(AS). And so, Syedna taught and desired the mumineen to resound in loudest form "YA HUSAIN" from deepest core of the heart, in every majlis, be it of sorrow or celebration. His teachings are simple and straight asking mumineen followers to translate the lessons and meaning of the Martyrdom of Kerbala into their lives and thus making it a living example of high morals because by doing so, each mumin will be able to bring within himself a spiritual and moral revival, by understanding the purpose of this earthly creation and fulfilling his correct and just role in an increasingly troubled world. Syedna(TUS) desired His followers to be good believers, clean, civil and pure, upholding moral and human values and to follow the ‘Shariat’ and Fatemi Din in its purest form. It is the result of this teachings, truly and sincerely followed by mumineen, that has opened the floodgates of barakaat for our community, and set the precedent for all gatherings under the banner of "YA HUSAIN", in ever increasing numbers.


It has been the result of study of Islamic Science, which in itself conceives beside other subjects, the economic principles, that Syedna(TUS) initiated QARDAN HASANA SCHEME. On its implication, it seemed inconceivable to financial persons that interest free loans amounting to crores of rupees could circulate so easily within the community without hampering the interest and extent of business. Not only is the system of interest free loans stands institutionalized but the followers mumineen feel very comfortable after getting rid of interest burdens on their business earnings and with the Doa Mubarak of Syedna(TUS) have developed the habit of lending each other money without interest element, landmarking the trust for each other. Such an impossible task could have been made possible by none other than a personality endowed with spiritual power, who undoubtedly our Syedna(TUS) is.


The religious authority of Syedna(TUS) is ingrained in the way of life of His followers and is the fountain source of their strength, unity and identity.

The limitless extent of His Holiness’s greatness can not be evaluated and brought in writing by the limited human intelligence which sees only the human form. It is not possible to confine a true picture of His Holiness within the narrow frame work of human understanding. One must rise within on spiritual path to the realms of higher consciousness before he can comprehend the magnitude of His divinity and before he can say with certain knowledge about Him. We, the followers of Syedna, are just a tiny speck of dust in search of an opportunity to reach and get His qadambosi(feet kissing) for being bestowed with a divine glance from Him which, in our unshakable faith, will erase the sins of our countless lives, for in effect, we believe, it is a divine glance from Supreme Lord ALLAH Himself. Lacking higher consciousness, it is the earthly form of His Holiness to whom we look for guidance and understanding in this world and it is through His earthly form that we see the present of ALLAH, Allah’s Nabi, Vasi and Imams among us. In His Holiness(TUS) resides the great power of almighty Allah through an unbroken chain of Rasul, Vasi, and Imamates and through Him we can reach and contact that power. The omnipotent power lives in His Holiness(TUS)’ body, using it as a vehicle for its manifestations and thus becomes accessible to us, His followers, His true lovers.

Even at the age of 88 years, Syedna(TUS) knows no respite in his travels throughout India & abroad just to continue His mission (as Syedna Taher Saifuddin,AQ directed Him at the time appointment as Mazoom for Syedna(AQ)’s life time and Dai after Syedna(AQ) leaves for heavenly abode) of touching and shaping the lives of mumineen followers; protecting them from the disintegrating forces; and ensuring mumineen’s social and economic prosperity. Syedna(TUS) has taught his followers that Islam is not merely a religion but a philosophy of life.

His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS), wherever He visits, it seems that there simply would not be enough hours or minutes in the day for Him to give everything its needed attention. But Syedna(TUS) manages it all very easily and smoothly, spending long hours seeing to every detail of work that needed to be done and giving time to those who longed to see Him. Affairs and problems of the place visited which had been waiting for His special attention are taken due care of by Him, besides reading and answering the unending volume of correspondence which follows Him wherever He moves. Religious discourses, ceremonies are unfailingly kept in His daily schedules. But inspite of His strenuous routine every day, His Holiness remains relaxed and in cheerful humour. It seems,He loves this routine immensely and that when engaged in it, the thought of rest never comes to Him. It just recalls of an answer given by Syedna’s(TUS) reverend father Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) in an interview in the year 1960 to the question – what was the secret of Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ)’s enormous capacity for work and how he could talk to so many people about their problems, big and small and not feel tired at all ! The venerable figure smiled at the question, thought for a while and said, "My concern for the well being of others is so deep that I never get tired when listening to their problems and trying to solve them. The more work I have, the more happy I feel. The mental satisfaction I get by performing such duties keeps out fatigue. The mind, after all, has tremendous power over the body." In no way ourAqa Maula is different from Aqa Maula(AQ). He is living example of TRUE SON OF A TRUE FATHER; VIRTUES OF VIRTUES.

Generally, the disciples of every Master, saints, real sages who have come in this world are so much in love with him that they think that beside him there can be no other Master, saint or sage – whether in past, in present or in future. Out of love for him, they feel that he is the only true saviour – who has come into this world. In their zeal, they absolutely forget the essence of the teaching of that saint and wrongly interpret them. Then they become the victim of the resulting dogmas, rituals and ceremonies. But we, the followers of Syedna(TUS), are fortunate enough not to be so. The gracious teachings of Doat Mutlaqeen, who have been an ever-flowing source of inspiration and guidance, helped developing within a strong and an unshaken belief, keeping us away from becoming victim of limited approach and in fostering a belief that all Daies-ul-Mutlaq are rays of the same ocean of divinity; there is no difference among them; and they are in the world not to live but to work on the missions of Nabi(SAW), Vasi(SA) and Imams(AS) in seclusion.

Syedna(TUS) is immaculate(pure, faultless) perfection. And that He is, for when Lord send forth His sons or Himself come in human garb to carry out His work, He gives them/comes , in most supremely beautiful , graceful and attractive form that the material universe can offer.

To begin to reproduce on paper His Holiness’s(TUS) gracious manner of expression, His infectious(quality of quickly influencing others) sense of good humour, His profound sincerity and concern for each of His followers mumineen, the unfathomable(so deep that the bottom can not be reached) atmosphere of love and bliss which emanates from Him and fills one over-whelmingly, and His infinite understanding and patience is literally an impossibility. To fully know Him, one must directly experience who He is by becoming completely receptive to all what He has to give us.

Volumes can not do justice to the incredible way in which He awakened His followers and transformed them to a life strictly in conformity with Islamic principles; of how He boldly and bravely met tremendous forces of opposition from persons in His own community who were unable mentally to subscribe to the code of beliefs and discipline of the faiths and to the leadership and authority of Al-Dai-al-Mutlaq; of how He reached out His hand to the worst sinners who were prepared to amend themselves to the right path; of how He has forgiven them; of how out of unlimited mercy He quietly suffered in cleansing their souls. Dignity, humility, earnestness and devotion are harmoniously blended in Syedna’s(TUS) expression and demeanour.

Inspite of the fact that one could only do injustice to His Holiness in the attempt to tell or to write about Him, one should not develop an attitude of complacency(self satisfaction) and stop to justify as much as he can.

No King can be more graceful and dignified and yet that dignity is so tempered with sweet humility that one is drawn to Him. Normally, His voice is low and clear as silver bells. But at all time when His Holiness is reciting the tragic episode of Imam Husain(AS)’s noble martyrdom His voice is so graceful, so heavy, and so profound that it pierces directly and touches the innermost corner of heart and it is impossible to translate it in words known to the universe. His smile is extremely gracious and one can see that his heart holds only loving kindness to all, He is to be seen and not described. If ever there can be a face combining old age (His Holiness is now 88) with beauty, majesty and calm power, it is His. But beyond all of that there is a sort of spiritual radiance which no words can describe, but which gives one a feeling of deep peace as if the discords of earth were no longer possible in his presence. As one looks into His face, he loses all desire to talk, even ask questions. He simply absorbs the divine light. Syedna(TUS) is simple in manner with no sort of pose or air about Him. One soon come to feel that there is no real home except in His presence and at His feet. His manners towards all (either his dedicated followers or those who visit Him) is much like that of a mother comforting her tired children and soothing them to rest. AFTER ALL SYDENA(TUS) IS OUR SPIRITUAL FATHER AND MOTHER BOTH.

Being spiritual head and spiritual Father of His followers mumineen, His Holiness, not only take the followers in "Misaq" when they receive religious oath of fealty and then forget about them but take thereby responsibility to take the followers back to that Supreme Father. This is evident from the eternal words of Syedna(TUS) in His address to mumineen on the 1st Shaaban-ul-Karim 1417 (10th December 1996) on the occasion of iftitah of Masjid-e-Muazzam in Surat

"I have gathered you here, to give you this good news. You never need worry. We are here to intercede you. We will recommend you to Allah when you are in the kabr, so that you are safe from the terror of the grave. Dispersing that terror, we are here to fill your graves with light. What are you afraid of ? The Duat Mutlaqeen have always said this. Today, I, slave of Ale-Mohammed, tell you, I, Mohammed Burhanuddin am here, then, what are you afraid of ?

"Momineen", Maula continued, with a compassion in His voice which brought tears in everybody’s eyes who was part of that touching address of Maula(TUS), "This is not said simply to lighten your heart. We, the Duat Mutlaqeen of Ale-Mohammed will intercede to get your sins forgiven because even you have a priceless treasure of your own, and that is, that you are those who have faith in your love to Panjetan. Momineen, I tell you, with the raza of my Maula, Imam-uz-Zaman; we, the Duat Mutlaqeen, are His (AS) obedient servants, and we tell you in His name, "We swear by Allah , We will intercede for you. We swear by Allah, We will intercede for you. We swear by Allah, We will intercede you."

Let me tell you who have come from all over the world, from far away places, something that is close to my heart. I travel a great deal. I remain away from you for long periods of time, but this separation is only on a physical plane. Be assured that I keep you in my sight, I have placed you in my heart. I swear in the name of Allah and Maula Imam-uz-Zaman that wherever I go, east or west, I have never forgotten you, I have always remembered you, remember you and will go on remembering you. Each day and each night I worry about every mumin, muminaat and their children. Might somebody make my children stray from the straight and narrow path ? Might somebody snatch away their reputations and dignity ? Might someone hurt their feelings ? Momineen, in this way, I remember you every minute and every second, I am sure, you, my children remember me, too. You love me and it is not possible that you can forget me either; but if under the circumstances of this world, it were ever to happen, even then, be assured that I, Mohammed Burhanuddin, have not for a moment forgotten You, and I never will ".

I am ever concerned about you, that no unhappiness should touch you, that you may never be subjected to grief or pain. Why should you then be worried ? I, Mohammed Burhanuddin, will come to your aid in your hour of need. I am saying all this just not to make you feel good. This is indeed truth.

It is further more evident from the Noorani Kalemaat bestowed by our Aqa Maula TUS on His Milad Mubarak on 20th Rabiul Aakher 1421 H (22-07-2000) in Taheri Masjid of Karachi (Pakistan). Noorani Kalemaat are, thus ;

"Maari Milad vaste tame sagla ye 40 din lag Ta’abbudat na Amal keeda chey. Tamara maa si koi ek ne gunahon na sabab jahannum ma Naakhwa ma aawse tho Ameerul Mumineen SA jahannum ne Hukum Kar se ke tu ehna si door tha. Aaa tho hamara Shia ma si chey. Yehj misal mein(me) Imamuz Zaman AS Ne araz karees ke Aaa mumin tho Aap no ghulam chey Ane Jahannum ne Kahis ke dushman ne tu hargiz na Mukje.

Aye mumineen Aaa Dai na sabab tame Jannat maa chho Balke mein em kahoon chhoon ke Aaa Jannat na Naseeb ke tame ehma chho !

Never before in the life , anybody might have heard such a certain testimony to his life after death, being given by his spiritual leader or religious head. It is the love of Syedna(TUS) for every devotee of the Dawoodi Bohra faith and it is His strength that can vouch their life with such certitude.

Anything in this universe can not be achieved without having to pay proper price for it. It is, therefore, unworthy of a devotee to expect to get everything from Syedna(TUS) without sacrifice of wordly temptations of lust, anger, hatred, pride, egotism and above all his existence itself. There is no gain without pain. So, it is always required of a devotee that he should be honest in his duty by remaining within His Holiness’s(TUS) commandments and by doing his best to improve himself to His desire. The need for the devotee is to be honest in his duty to His Holiness. His grace and love for all of his followers at all time never change. One feels His grace and love according to his varying intensity of receptiveness at different time and on different occasions. When a father finds special occasion as excuses to give gift to his child, it does not mean that he then loves him more than at other times or that he loves the child more than his other children, though his children may think so. The love of father never changes. And so His Holiness’s love and grace for His followers never changes. His grace and love is such that when it come within, all the good qualities in a follower devotee come to the surface like cream on milk. No more will he have to fight with himself to be good, to be honest, to be pure, humble and submissive. Automatically these things will appear when devotion for His Holiness is gained and attained by a devotee. The distance from Syedna(TUS) creates a problem only in our mind. If we love Him, really long for Him, Syedna(TUS) will come to us anywhere to extend His helping hand, because for Him, the Universe is one.

SYEDNA(TUS), prayer and piety are integral part of Whose every decision and action; for whom there is no moment when He is not engrossed in worship; who is the magnet that binds the humanity; Whose pious charisma draws, endears and inspires; HE is our SPIRITUAL FATHER. There is no end to reciting Him, His love, His affection and above all the treatment like a family head given to His followers mumineen. He is so immaculate perfection that if we summon all the languages ever spoken by men, extract from them their utmost power of expression, it would be a vain effort even then to undertake to express ourselves.


Following is the extract of His Holiness’s(TUS) address to the international gathering of distinguished guests on 29th September,1983 on the occasion of the iftitah ceremony of mausoleum RAUDAT TAHERA :-

"That there were two prominent principles which the Bohra community followed, wherever they went and whichever country they settled :

First is to live in accordance with the teachings of our religious leaders. We have proved to be good citizens and good neighbours. Everywhere our people have earned high esteem and respect for themselves and have presented an example of faithfulness and honesty. Whoever does not like or agree with our way of life, he can part from us. neither do we forcibly take everyone into our fold nor do we forcibly keep anyone in our fold.

Second is that religion for us does not mean only prayer and fasting. Religion is an embodiment of both, this world and hereafter, to us. The adherence to the Islamic tenets and principles teach us patriotism and leads us towards the economic, cultural and educational development of the nation. "

Every religion has a guide. A true guide and leader ensures the welfare of his followers in this world , and guarantees their salvation and eternal bliss in the world hereafter. Our true guide is Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS). He is a God-man. A word from Him is a word from God. The sign of His true Godliness is that He never awe you with His presence, towering above you; but He inspires in you a subtle peace of mind and soul and make you glad to the extent that tears start pouring down from eyes. He has no need to teach. Even his presence alone is elevating, inspiring, stirring and life-giving. His very company is self-illumination and living in His company is spiritual education. His tender smile radiates light, bliss, joy, knowledge and peace. He is a blessing to suffering humanity. All agonies, miseries, tribulations, taints of world-illness etc. seem to vanish in His mere presence; and one’s doubts are removed. He can awaken through sight, touch, speech, and even by mere thought. He can transmit spirituality to His aspirant followers as easily as one offers fruit to another. He is an ever flowing fountain-head of the water of life. A thirsty follower can only drink the water. A thirsty aspirant who has implicit faith in Syedna(TUS) and who is very eager to imbibe His teachings, only comes forward and imbibes from Syedna(TUS) in proportion to the intensity and degree of faith he has in Him and of his fervent receptive attitude. SPIRITUALITY CAN NOT BE TAUGHT BUT CAUGHT. However, all change is eventually in the hands of the individual seeker. If one seeks to further it, a glow of light can change into an intense flame in the words of the sacred "Misaq"; and neglected by carelessness or circumstance, it can simply extinguish itself. While faith is compared to fire, knowledge in Islamic symbolism is equated with water. Knowledge, therefore, like water itself, is essential for human existence.

It will not be a faithful act of a mumin to think to conclude his write-up without an effort, as much as he can make (because there is no end to writing of Syedna(TUS)’s ‘ehsaan’ on humanity as a whole and in particular on His mumineen followers), of enlisting His achievements/accomplishments/distinctions. It is earnestly requested that the readers will pardon if they find any shortcomings due to adna gulam’s ignorance in the matter.

At the age of 15 years He became Hafiz ul Qur’an.

At the age of 17, bestowed with ‘Haddiyat’in 1349 H.

At the age of 19, raised to the rutba of ‘Mazoon e Dawat’ in 1352 H.

Amongst ‘rutba na sahebs’ He has been the first one to visit Yemen after 400 years of the transfer of Dawat seat from Yemen in 1381/1382 H.

He assumed the office as 52nd Dai-al-Mutlaq at the age of 52 years.

He is the 1st Dai-al-Mutlaq to visit Western countries.

He has introduced the namaz of Vasheq for 30th night of Ramazan, in The year 1389 Hijri.

He is the 1st Dai to visit Libya-Tunisia in Northern Africa where Fatemi Imams ruled and Zuhur founded in 385 Hijri.

He is the 1st Dai to deliver wazz on Imam Husain’s chehlum in Imam

Husain’s Mashad and became the 1st to step inside the Zarih Mubarak in 1398 Hijri.

He is the 1st Dai to visit America and have met the U.N.O. General Secretary in 1398 Hijri.

Historic Ashara Mubaraka performed in Jamnagar after 250 years in the year 1399 Hijri, alongwith 35,000 mumineen.

He is the 1st Fatemi Dai to observe Lailatul Qadr in Al-Jamea Al-Anwar in Ramazan in 1401 Hijri.

He is the 1st Dai to observe prayers in Jamea Burasa in Najaf, Iraq in the Month of Safar, 1402 Hijri.

First Dai to perform Ziyarat of "Maulana Jafar-ut-Taiyar(RA)" [[companion to the Rasulullah(SA) and brother of Amir-ul-mumineen Ali ibn Abitalib(SA) about whom Rasulullah(SA) said – "In creation and character he resembles me."]] and "Hasan bin Sabit", in Urdun, Jordan in 1402 Hijri which were sofar not known and identified.

The Zarih over the grave of Syedi Zain-bin-Haresa, companion of the prophet Rasulullah(SA) was also presented by Syedna(TUS).

On 6th Ramazan, 1403 Hijri, for the first time in 1000 years, a Fetemi Dai Syedna Mohd.Burhanuddin performed namaz of Zohr/Asr in Al-Jamea Al-Anwar after Imam Hakim(AS) on the same date in 403 Hijri.

First Dai to deliver waaz mubarak on the land of East Africa (Nairobi in 1405 Hijri.

Dawat’s enemies set a car bomb near Raudat Tahera, Bombay to harm our Syedna(TUS). Allah protected His Dai. (12th Jumadil Awwal, 1406 H).

For the first time in Al-Jamea Al-Anwar in Cairo, Syedna(TUS) observedNamaz-e-Janaza of His beloved brother, Ameer-ul-Jamea Syedi Yusuf Bhai Saheb Najmuddin(AQ). He was buried near the roza mubarak of Maulana Malik-ul-Ashtar(SA), at Marj, a village about 30 kms.away from Cairo, in 1407 Hijri.

Syedna(TUS) celebrated Milad-e-Imamuz Zaman and took Misaq for the first time in Masjid e Kufa, Iraq, in 1410 Hijri.

Syedna(TUS) celebrated for the 1st time Miladun Nabi (SAW) in Cairo after 900 years in 1412 Hijri.

In Rabiul Akher,1413 H, Syedna became 1st Dai to perform Umra on Milad e Imamuz Zaman.

Syedna(TUS) performed historic ziyarat of Maulatona Fatema tuz Zehra(SA) in 1413 Hijri and showered Attar on Qabr Mubarak.

He is the 1st Dai to celebrate Milad Imam uz Zaman in Mecca and Milad Dai Zaman in Medina in 1413 Hijri.

First Dai to perform ‘Matam’ alongwith mumineen at Mashhade-Ruus-Shohadah in 1414 H, after 1352 years.

First Dai to offer Jumoa-Namaz at Masjid-ul-Abyaz, Ramlah in Philistine, after 800 years in 1413/1414 Hijri.

In 1415 H, Syedna(TUS) performed 40 Ziyarats of Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed(RA) alongwith Amatullah Aaisaheba in His 20 days stay in Ahmedabad.

On His Milad Mubarak’s evening and on Friday immediate thereafter in 1415 H, Syedna(TUS) along with hundreds of mumineen performed ziyarat, on the niyat of Aaisaheba, of Amirul Mumineen(SA) and Imam Husain(AS) and for the first time, Matam was permitted in the Haram Mubarak of Imam Husain(AS) on Aqa Maula’s request.

Ramazan Mubarak was observed by Syedna(TUS) in Surat after 50 yrs, in 1415 Hijri.

For the first time in 1416 H, Syedna(TUS) celebrated Milad of Imamuz Zaman(AS) in Yemen, the birth place of Imamut Taiyyab(AS).

On 28th Jamadil Ukhra 1419 (19-10-98), Syedna(TUS) did the iftetah of the splendid Roza of Maulana Malik al-Ashtar(AQ) which was restored to its beauty within a short span of two months. The Roza is situated at Merj, which is a place located 30 kms.from Cairo.

Maulana Malik al-Ashtar(AQ), popularly known as "Saiful Ajami" hailed from Yemen and was amongst the Sahabis(companion) of Rasulullah(SA) and was also a devoted Shia of Amirul Mumineen Maula Ali(SA), fiercely and fearlessly brave but humble to a fault. He was sent to Egypt as a Governor(Vali) by Maula Ali(SA) where he was deceptively poisoned by the enemies, and he died a martyr’s death in the year 30 Hijri. The personality of Maulana Malik al-Ashtar(AQ) can be gauged by Amir al-mu’minin’s words : "Malik was to me as I was to the Messenger of Allah".

On 1st of Shaban 1419 Hijri (19-11-98), Mahad el-Zahra, the edifice of light dedicated to the heavenly guiding light (noor), Al-Qur’an, conceptually created in the time of the Late Rector Syedi Dr.Yusuf Najmuddin (AQ), was translated into concrete form. Making of this remarkable structure took a period of seven months and eleven days.

Besides other facilities and perfection installed, a beautiful garden is incorporated within the structure of Mahad el-Zahra, based on the description of the garden of the Prophet Sulyeman in the Qur’an. Here students would not only undertake memorisation of Al-Qur’an but also benefit from the improvement of quality of their voices, and students with divergent interests can take training according to their inclinations and talents.

On 18th Jumadil Ukhra 1420H (27-9-99) (the night of Tuesday), Aqa Maula(TUS) performed iftetah ceremony of ZARIH MUBARAK at the Marqad of Martyr of Mutah MAULANA JA’EFFERUTTAIYAR (RA). As described; this was the occasion for which Rasulullah(SA)was eager in Jannatun Naeem; Imamuz Zaman(AS) was eager in His Khaimatun Noor ; Syedna Taher Saifuddin(RA) with 50 Doat Mutlaqeen was eager in their heavenly abode ; and for which our Aqa Maula(TUS) was also eager and had travelled thousands of miles for the iftetah. It is said that the distinct presence of heavenly Mala’ekat was felt by those who were witness to this historic occasionat the newly built Qubba Mubaraka of Maulana Ja’efferuttaiyar(RA). The Zarih Mubarak which took nearly 2 years to complete was made of gold and silve at al-Jameatus Saifiya campus of Karachi.

On the very day i.e. 18th Jumadil Ukhra 1420 H, Syedna(TUS) alsoperformed the iftetah of Zarih Mubarak of Zaid bin Haresa, another martyr of Mutah with Maulana Jaeffer(RA). This Zarih was also crafted at Karachi.

Syedna(TUS) has been elected as the CHANCELLOR OF MUSLIM UNIVERSITY OF ALIGARH by the Court of the University in its Meeting on 3-10-1999.

On 22nd Moharram 1421 H (26-4-2000) by His visit to Australia, Syedna va Maulana Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) became 1st Dai to have travelled all the five continents of the world to convey the message of Islam, peace and brotherhood to mankind.

Performed iftetah of 1st Masjid of Australia continent in Sydney on 27th Moharram, Monday, the day of Urs Mubarak of Syedi Fakhruddin Shahid AQ and named the masjid as "al-Masjid al-Fakhri".

Delivered Chehlum Waaz Mubarak in Bombay on Wednesday, the 20th Safar 1421 H (24-5-2000) after a gap of 15 years, the earlier being in 1406 H.

In such a brief narration, how is it ever possible to analyse or summarise the exalted personality of al-Dai-al-Fatemi Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS). The truth lies in the fact that it is beyond the capacity of the narrator’s pen even to capture what we see from physical eyes; not to talk of the innumerable facet perception of which need an insight.

Let us, His Adna Mumineen, should gather to earnestly beseech the Almighty to continue to bless Syedna(TUS) with the most excellent of divine blessings, confer on him the most perfect of His favours and favour Him with the most auspicious of His mercies. Aamin !, so as to remain with the mumineen all the time to guide the path and to accord ‘taufeeq’ for sticking to that path which will take us to our real home where we may, with His Doa Mubarak, be blessed with the ‘sharaf of deedar of Panjatan Paak(SA) and Aimmat Tahereen(AS)’ Aameen !

Today, mumineen ni duniya ane aakherat, Aqa Maula(TUS) ni do a na sabab abaad-o-shaad chhe.

Let us, therefore, raise our hands in Doa before Allah Ta’ala that by vasila of Panjatann Paak, Aimmat Tahereen, Imamuz Zaman, all Doat especially Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA, May He keep our Aqa Maula till the day of Qiyamat always on the throne of health and prosperity and bless Syedna TUS with Afzalul-jaza for showering us with the unding ‘ibdai’ and ‘noorani’ barakaat and may Allah Ta’alakeep all of us in Syedna(TUS)’s saya of ne’mat ; prosperous and happy always.


Moiz Husain,